Madis Pink

Emu herder at emulator.wtf

Self Introduction

Hi, I’m Madis! I’m one of the founders here at emulator.wtf. I’ve been involved in the Android ecosystem since Google launched Android 1.0 and T-Mobile G1 all the way back in 2008.

I’m interested in Developer Experience and nothing pains me more than waiting on something, whether it’s a local build or a CI job.

GPU-accelerated emulator.wtf

emulator.wtf finally has GPU-accelerated emulators! They use our server's GPU resources, which makes UI tests quicker by handling draw requests with the host GPU.
4 min read

Benchmarking Android Automated Test Device (ATD) Emulators

Google has recently released a new class of Android emulator images - Automated Test Devices. Lets take a closer look to see what they're all about.
5 min read